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Want to take control of how you experience the labors of your life?

Not sure where to start?

Start with Clarity

I empower women to understand, create, and articulate their own sustainable birth process that offers peace, balance, and power.

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Your Path & Mind Can Feel Clear

We’re laboring through life ladies!

Labor can cause us to feel trapped, lost, and/or overwhelmed as we travel from one contraction of life to the next.  You know, those seasons and Divinely orchestrated moments that require surrender, despite the internal discomforts experienced.  Contractions of life are the portions of our journey that apply the necessary pressure needed to help us birth new life, visions, habits, or the best version of ourselves.

Assess, Plan, and Conquer

I help women experience greater clarity and a more peaceful mind, as opposed to the anxiety, stress, fear, tension, and pain that can be associated with the labors of life. 

I’m a nurse!  Identifying patterns and developing individualized plans to provide relief and enhance wellbeing is what I do.

  • Receive clarity and unblock your “individual power”
  • Live freely from mental blocks, disruptive cycles, physical and mental pain
  • Understand how to create your own process
  • Articulate your own plan for peace and balance
  • Prepare for your birthing process

Let’s get started!

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Clear Mind, Free Spirit

Mental Clarity sessions help you release the tension, stop the spinning, relieve undesirable physical sensations, and untrap your soul from a state of unrest.

Clear Your Mind!

Maternal Clarity sessions help you prepare for a peaceful birth story. By identifying what you can do now and during labor, you can learn how to skillfully use your peaceful power to enhance your birth experience.

Start Creating a Clear Plan!

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We are breaking the cycle of fear, tension, and pain to BIRTH PEACE and RELEASE POWER in every Divinely orchestrated season, interaction, and area of our lives!

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