Peaceful Awareness

Awareness is the first step to FREEDOM!

I help women apply maternal concepts to everyday life. Empowering each to labor through life with a more Peaceful Mind.

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Self-assessing leads to individualized planning

“When we don’t have a practice of tuning in, we surrender our ability to quality control the key areas in our lives that affect our greatness.  Areas that affect our sanity, health, and spiritual wellness are up for grabs.” – LeShanta Baker

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LeShanta Baker presents

Peaceful Coaching (1)

Clarity births a peaceful mind

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Peaceful Maternity (1)

The maternal journey is our pathway to spiritual growth

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Sun Shades SaleWhere Peaceful Women Live, Balanced Women Thrive

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Peaceful blogEngage, as LeShanta applies maternal concepts to everyday life

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Peaceful Motives LLC

What if peace was the ulterior motive?

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