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Start Here with LeShanta Baker

Learn from your peaceful blessing.

Whether you’re currently pregnant or you’ve been walking through your maternal journey for awhile…

Maternal concepts can help you labor through life with a peaceful mind. 

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The maternal journey was designed to help you tune into your body, control your mind and follow your internal compass.

expands your self-awareness
improves your mindfulness
enhances your emotional intelligence


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What are you seeking?

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What if this season was about birthing you?

Learn how to:

  • Calm your internal environment in every situation.
  • Replace fear, stress, and anxiety with confidence, relaxation, and serenity.  
  • Balance your emotions and control your reactions.
  • Fulfill your soul’s desire.
  • Create individualized plans and strategies that work for you.
  • Discover your divine connection.
  • Birth the woman you were created to be.

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Expand your peace through advanced self-awareness

“When we don’t have a practice of tuning in, we surrender our ability to quality control the key areas in our lives that affect our greatness.  Areas that affect our sanity, health, and spiritual wellness are up for grabs.” – LeShanta Baker

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Peaceful Motives LLC

When peace is the ulterior motive, the path becomes clear.

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