My Mission


…to help women achieve a higher level of self-awareness, labor through life with a more peaceful mind, and birth every story The Divine designed them to experience and share with the world.

DOULA copy copy copy copy copy (4)My desire is to help you take control of your story by applying maternal concepts that will help you birth your peaceful power.

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For over 12 years my coaching, education, and professional support has helped women replace anxiety, pain, and stress with clarity, freedom, and a peaceful mind.  My experience as a Registered Nurse, Childbirth Educator, Doula, Maternity and Self-Awareness Coach has allowed me to help many goal-driven, spiritual, and passionate women birth new life, habits, visions, and dreams while creating peaceful stories they are proud to create, share, and remember.

Unlike physical pregnancies, I believe every woman is pregnant with a piece of the grand puzzle that is designed to help someone else live a more peaceful life.  Unfortunately, so many stories are shared of women being lost in a sea of pain and stress, feeling out of control and trapped in fear.  This leaves so many spiraling in their daily lives because they have been unable to birth peace within. 

It’s apparent that the stories shared have a massive impact on how a woman views birth.  It can affect her willingness and ability to allow the natural process and divine plan to unfold.  I want to help women create better stories to share by increasing the number of peaceful births and peaceful minds experienced.  


My Belief…

“The maternal journey is our pathway to spiritual growth”


It is my belief that pregnancy, labor, and birth was designed to heighten a woman’s self-awareness.  It teaches us to be more mindful, to tune in, be present, holistically conscious and self-assured.   

Labor and birth are gifts, created to mimic the obstacles we must overcome by following the intuitive guidance that is always whispering within.  Pregnancy is like a self-awareness boot camp that teaches us how to prepare mentally and physically for the journey ahead.  

I believe that pregnancy was created to teach us to care for ourselves and to help us learn how to labor through life and course correct.  That energy, in the form of new life, is sent to give us guidance to show us how to stop leading with our bodies and minds because our soul knows the way.

Birthing my story

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Who am I?

“I am a peace-seeking woman.” 

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My Experience

Drawing from nearly 20 years of supporting, assessing, and creating care plans as a medical professional, I feel blessed to utilize my educational training and personal experience to prepare women for their labors of life.  For over 12 years, I’ve worked as a Registered Nurse (RN) in maternity units across the U.S.  Helping women labor and birth is my specialty.

Once I began taking maternal concepts and applying them to everyday life, I transformed my own.  I am now living my dream of empowering women through public speaking, education, and coaching programs that have been proven to renew the mind and transform the woman.

My Struggle…

I’ve been that woman who can become easily trapped in her mind.  From a very young age, this was presented as my possible reality.  Due to what I witnessed growing up with a mother diagnosed with schizophrenia,  mental imprisonment became my fear.  Years of battling Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) almost caged me in.  Early on, I began to notice that once I allow my intention to be motivated by anything other than a motive of internal peace, the activity in my mind consumes me.  In this state, I am no longer able to listen out for internal instruction.  My focus is solely on my desire to escape my present situation.

The thought of readjusting my perception, position, or intention sounds foreign to me.  Aligning my physical actions and mental thoughts with a different flow fail to even cross my mind.  I remain stuck in my mental prison, unable to navigate my way out and into freedom.  Failing to course-correct, my experience appears to be a torturous journey.  Anxiety and fear become my constant emotions.  I have no idea when the discomfort will be over.  From the moment I become trapped in my mind, I lose my freedom to evolve.

My Past…

From the beginning of my maternal journey, it was as though my spirit took on a physical form.  There was this energy inside that no one else could see and only I could feel. 

Pregnant with my one and only son, Michael, after a couple of years of trying, monthly episodes of tears, and several doctors deeming it impossible, I was determined to relish every moment of pregnancy. The pregnancy was typical: nausea and tiredness, in the beginning, insomnia in the end, and sciatic pain throughout. However, I still refer to this time as the best experience of my life.

The energy inside of me desired to grow and thrive but it needed to transform its environment.  The presence of my son began to adjust the conditions inside of me just for his survival.  Instead of fighting with his energy daily, mentally or physically, I had to resist struggling.  I had to completely surrender to the required transformation that needed to take place within myself.

Prior to pregnancy, it was easy to get caught in my mind and body.  When I was busy, overwhelmed, overworked, overweight, undernourished, tired, sore, stressed, or just oblivious to the reality of this physical world’s power, I forgot about the spiritual energy that lived inside. 

Under those conditions, I wasn’t able to hear my soul’s opinion on the daily matters of my life.  But even then, like a baby in the womb, my spirit tried to nudge me, tried to guide me into different positions and out of potentially self-sabotaging situations. 

After Michael’s birth and returning to work, it was more noticeable how often women spoke in such misery in reference to their pregnancy.  It was then that it became apparent to me, that similar to our lives, enjoying the journey of pregnancy may have more to do with our state of mind, than the symptoms we experience.  Just as a runner enjoys the marathon, despite the cramped muscles and diligent training required.

Observing the fear and suffering mothers endured due to the lack of proficient childbirth preparation and proper bedside support, led me to become a Childbirth Educator and Labor Doula.  I began to study Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence.  I became dedicated to coaching women from a clarity seeking mindset. 

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Over time I’ve discovered, that once a woman becomes clear on the process, the way she responds, the intention behind her desires, and the need for her preparation, she becomes the writer of her own birth story. 

I am


Let me help you navigate your maternal transformation.

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