My Mission

to help women labor through life with more peaceful minds by enhancing knowledge, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and intuition.


…to empower every woman to birth all the stories they were created to experience and share with the world.

DOULA copy copy copy copy copy (4)I believe that everything has a deeper purpose and that the maternal journey is a sacred gift filled with life lessons.  That’s why I apply maternal concepts to our everyday lives and use the nursing process to help women break undesirable cycles and labor through life with a more peaceful mind.

The maternal experience is just the gateway that leads women into a journey of seeking balance because we begin to recognize the imbalance of energy within ourselves and all around us.

My maternal training helps me meet women at the gate and my personal experience helps me to continue to walk beside those traveling with me.

Pregnancy, labor, birth, and motherhood were designed to help us enhance our ability to tune into our bodies, control our minds, and follow our internal compass.

As a Nurse and Coach, I’m dedicated to helping you methodically cope with all the labors of your life, so that you can birth new life, habits, or your sacred dreams.

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My Belief

“The maternal journey is our pathway to spiritual growth”

It is my belief that pregnancy, labor, and birth was designed to heighten a woman’s self-awareness. It teaches us to be more mindful, to tune in, be present, holistically conscious and self-assured.
Labor and birth are gifts, created to mimic the obstacles we must overcome by following the intuitive guidance that is always whispering within. Pregnancy is like a self-awareness boot camp that teaches us how to prepare mentally and physically for the journey ahead.

I believe that pregnancy was created to teach us to care for ourselves and to help us learn how to labor through life and course correct. That energy, in the form of new life, is sent to give us guidance to show us how to stop leading with our bodies and minds because our soul knows the way.

Unlike physical pregnancies, I believe every woman is pregnant with a piece of the grand puzzle that is designed to help someone else live a more peaceful life. Unfortunately, so many stories are shared of women being lost in a sea of pain and stress, feeling out of control and trapped in fear. This leaves so many spiraling in their daily lives because they have been unable to birth peace within.
It’s apparent that the stories shared have a massive impact on how a woman views birth. It can affect her willingness and ability to allow the natural process and divine plan to unfold. I want to help women create better stories to share by increasing the number of peaceful births and peaceful minds experienced.

Birthing my story

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Who am I?

“I am a peace-seeking woman.”

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