Birthing a Story

We begin birthing our stories before we realize there is a story to be told.  The journey of motherhood was designed to be a woman’s blessing that leads women through the Maternal Transformation necessary for her to complete the story she was called to share. 

– LeShanta Baker, Maternity Coach 

What is My Peaceful Blessings?

My Peaceful Blessings is every situation or season that offers you an opportunity to sit back, reflect, and say, “That was ultimately for my good”. 

It is a time of coming to the awareness that all things truly do happen for a reason and that we are to seek to learn from it all.

Why was it created?

My Peaceful Blessings was created to empower women into a greater understanding that pregnancy is a time for all women to remember how to flow in the spirit. 

Woman Be Free

For the story of Eve, has long been misperceived

The WOMAN was not doomed to birth in physical pain

Due to the manipulation of her mind

Suffering may have been given to all mind-kind

But of course, our Creator made a path to help us find a way

Carrying life leads you into new days

It’s a season of learning how to explore and to relay

Who you are and all that you are intended to BE

Resisting your mind from being tempted

For when it is tempted it creates a tension

That can lead to a stifled disposition

Remaining frozen in fear

Hiding from bearing the gifts brought through you here

This is not how we were created, don’t you see

Only with FEARLESS respirations

Can we stop our world’s expiration

Flowing in the spirit will set you free

Then we can all say, “Let me let out what’s inside of me”

~LeShanta Baker

When do we see Peaceful Blessings?

From the beginning of the maternal process, it is as though our spirit takes on an internal form.  There is this energy inside now that no one else can see and only you can sense.  The energy desires to grow and thrive but it needs to transform its environment and adjust the conditions just to survive.  Unfortunately, many fight with this energy on a daily, whether it’s in the physical or spiritual form.  Mentally and physically, mothers struggle with surrendering to the required transformation of themselves.

In life, prior to pregnancy, it’s easy to get caught in the mind and body portions of ourselves.    When we are busy, overwhelmed, overworked, overweight, undernourished, tired, sore, stressed, or just sheltered from the reality of this physical world’s power, we forget about the spirit.  Under these conditions, we aren’t able to hear our spirit’s opinion on the daily matters of our lives.  Like our baby in the womb, our spirit nudges us in an attempt to guide us into different positions and out of potentially dangerous situations.  They both seek to help us learn how to course correct when our minds and our bodies are attempting to mislead our energy down crooked paths.  This energy, in the form of new life, is sent to give us guidance and to teach us how to stop leading with our minds and bodies.  The baby inside is encouraging us to remember that our spirits already know the way.

How My Peaceful Blessings serves?

My Peaceful Blessings exists to help women navigate through the miraculous journey of pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood through proficient education, continuous empowerment, and spiritual guidance.

Who is the founder?

“The maternal journey is our pathway to spiritual growth”~ LeShanta Baker

Pregnant with my one and only son after a couple of years of trying, monthly episodes of tears, and several doctors deeming it impossible, I was determined to relish every moment of pregnancy. The pregnancy was typical: nausea and tiredness, in the beginning, insomnia in the end, and sciatic pain throughout.   However, I still refer to this time as the best experience of my life.

LeShanta Baker, Founder
LeShanta Baker, BSN, RN, CCE, CD, CIME Maternity Coach

…enjoying the journey of pregnancy may have more to do with the state of mind, than the symptoms we experience.” 

~LeShanta Baker

     When asked, “How are you doing LeShanta?”  I’d respond, “Great! Nauseous, but great!”   After the birth and returning to work, it was more noticeable how often patients spoke of such misery in reference to their pregnancy.  It was then that it became apparent to me, that enjoying the journey of pregnancy may have more to do with the state of mind, than the symptoms we experience.  Just as a runner enjoys the marathon, despite the cramped muscles and diligent training required.

Observing the fear and suffering mothers endured due to the lack of proficient childbirth preparation and proper bedside support, led me to become a Certified Childbirth Educator (CCE) and Certified Labor (CD), dedicated to coaching mothers throughout the span of their pregnancy.  Drawing from over 10 years of experience as a Registered Nurse (RN) working in antepartum, labor and delivery, postpartum, and the newborn nursery, I developed comprehensive courses to prepare mothers on a mental, physical, and spiritual level.

By offering my services as a Maternity Coach, I’m able to fulfill my passion for assisting women through their pregnancy and births with full uninterrupted support. Utilizing the relaxation skills taught to those preparing for labor along with the approaches I’ve learned as a Certified Infant Massage Educator (CIME), mothers are trained to implement techniques that assist them in creating conscious relaxation after delivery and throughout motherhood. I have great pride in offering a support that aides in a mother maintaining centered peace,  from the beginning of pregnancy and well after baby arrives.

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