My Mission

My mission is to assist in heightening a woman’s self-awareness to the point that her ability to be present, holistically conscious and self-assured leads to her navigating through all of her obstacles and day to day life with a peaceful mind.

I provide women with self-awareness coaching, clarity driven boot camps, and intimate community support to assist them in laboring through life with a peaceful of mind.

I believe that all women should have the freedom to birth the new life, habits, visions, and/or dreams impregnated within them with freedom and support.

With a focus on women who are seeking to feel centered and grounded through their trying times or daily lives, I provide private and group online sessions ranging from one phone call to ongoing support.

I believe that once we clear the clutter from our mind, we begin to evolve, transform, and birth from within. This is when we fulfill our goals because we are empowered to move by the ulterior motive of our soul.

My Intention…

“To assist all women in clarifying the connection between their physical actions, mental beliefs, and the ulterior motive of their soul”

My private work originally was intended to empower expected mothers to birth feeling in control and without fear.  This has been successfully accomplished by focusing on enhancing their self-awareness and teaching them skills that taught them how to center themselves. 

Over the years I’ve become convinced that understanding how pregnancy, labor, and birth was designed to assist a woman in learning how to flow in the spirit, is the empowerment needed to birth the gifts within.

My Experience…

“The energy inside is encouraging us to remember that our spirits already know the way.”

From the beginning of the maternal process, it was as though my spirit took on an internal form.  There was this energy inside that no one else could see and only I could feel.

The energy desired to grow and thrive but it needed to transform its environment.  It began to adjust the conditions inside of me to survive.  Instead of fighting with this energy daily, mentally and physically, I had to resist struggling.  I had to completely surrender to the required transformation that needed to take place within myself.

Prior to pregnancy, it was easy to get caught in the mind and body portions of myself.    When I was busy, overwhelmed, overworked, overweight, undernourished, tired, sore, stressed, or just sheltered from the reality of this physical world’s power, I forgot about my spirit. 

Under those conditions, I wasn’t able to hear my spirit’s opinion on the daily matters of my life.  Like a baby in the womb, our spirit tries to nudge us, to guide us into different positions and out of potentially self-sabotaging situations. 

Baby and spirit both seek to help us learn how to course correct when our minds and our bodies are attempting to mislead our energy down crooked paths. This energy, in the form of new life, is sent to give us guidance and to teach us how to stop leading with our minds and bodies. 

“The maternal journey is our pathway to spiritual growth”




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