LeShanta presents My Peaceful Blessings

What is self-care?

Self-care is a hot topic in this season of life.  Everyone seems to recognize they need it and want it but many aren't sure what it means or how to do it.  The keyword within this compound word is care.care-nounthe provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or … Continue reading What is self-care?

PMDD Awareness

Laboring through life with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) has been my greatest challenge. Crazy to admit after this past months experience, but it's also been my greatest gift. WHY? Because of this hormonal mood disorder up to two weeks a month I have had the opportunity to taste the pain experienced by my patients and … Continue reading PMDD Awareness

Focus on shifting, not the mood

  WHAT SHIFTS YOUR MOOD? Color helps me! Any other ideas, PLEASE SHARE! Women don't need to hear another story about how painful the literal and hypothetical contractions associated with laboring to birth new life are. ☹ We need to hear what little strategies, tools, and philosophies you've found to help you ride those waves. … Continue reading Focus on shifting, not the mood


When I help women create birth plans (to birth babies, new habits, patterns, or ideas), our mission is to outline how she will approach labor and birth. The first step is to clarify her PHILOSOPHY. Your Personal Philosophy is your theory or attitude, your guiding principle. It often determines how you will APPROACH or proceed … Continue reading YOUR PHILOSOPHY affects YOUR APPROACH.

DO YOU SEARCH FOR THE PEACEFUL BLESSINGS? I really did try to ignore the pain in my wrist after our accident. Of all the places I could hurt, "seriously God, might right side?" Although I still try to push the boundaries of my limited physical capabilities, I must say, I SEE THE BLESSINGS that will … Continue reading


Do you believe that your past prepared you for your present? After being a Labor Nurse for almost 12 years, it's been uncomfortable announcing myself to the world with a different title attached to my name. But I've realized, my almost 20 years in healthcare strengthened my assessment skills for this role. My season as … Continue reading HOW HAS YOUR PAST PREPARED YOU FOR YOUR PRESENT?