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The Revival of Me (6)

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THE REVIVAL OF ME is a 2-day Clarity and Motivation Boot Camp designed for the woman who knows she is called to birth something big.

Gain strategies and concepts to:

1. Refine your intentions.
2. Deepen your connection to your true motive.
3. Strengthen your self-discipline.
4. Feel MORE focused, MORE clear, MORE peaceful, and in control throughout your journey.

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Empower Me (8)


Every 1st Sunday at 4pm EST!

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EMPOWER ME is based on The P’s of Labor which research has shown determines how we labor and give birth to new life.

Each Month we enter into the Peaceful Women Live virtual room to share powerful tools to assist in our journey towards the clarity and peaceful freedom that will enhance our ability to labor through life.

Each session is designed to send us on a journey of revelations and moments of awareness.

EMPOWER ME is designed to advance our personal development by guiding us in asking and answering the question, “Is this an area in my life that needs my attention?”

This series is a holistic and community approach to coaching.

We come together in a multilevel program that integrates various coaching models, expertise, and disciplines to assist us in formulating individualized strategies to advance our evolution!

Each session will bring us closer to:

-Accessing our inner kingdom
-Harnessing our energy
-Navigating our dreams
-Expanding our universe


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My Passenger, My Performance zoom image (1)

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MY PASSENGER, MY PERFORMANCE: What we carry on the inside affects how we perform on the outside.

This session is intended to assist us in identifying the key features that determine how we’re called to perform!

LeShanta Baker- Self Awareness Coach
Joy Gibson- LifeNiche Coach & Consultant
Kiona Cloud- Energy Balancing Coach

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Hosted by Peaceful Women Live.  In partnership with MomNiche Inc.

Past Events

My Place, My Presence (2)

MY PLACE, MY PRESENCE: How our attitudes are affected by our environment

LeShanta Baker of My Peaceful Blessings
Aida Cirino-Lee of Rx4 Everlasting Health
Laura Lo of Lokelani Photo
Shalonda Waggoner of The Latter House Decor

This session is intended to assist us in identifying the areas in our lives that could be affecting our GREATNESS!

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Are you over or under the influence of your external environment?

LeShanta Baker, Registered Nurse; Junise Belizaire, Nurse Practitioner; and Tanya James Foster, Chaplain & Wellness Specialist
come together to motivate women, (including each other) to live intentionally.

Engaging all the Parts of You: Spirit, Mind, and Body to access your inner kingdom, will allow you to take control of your story.

Templates are being handed out everywhere you look. But those templates aren’t individualized or designed just for you.

This session tells you how to start breaking down the dimensions of who you are so that you become empowered to create a life strategy designed just for you!

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