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2020 Me series 

How will I evolve?

Sunday, January  5th at 4pm EST!


What if increasing your “skillpower” could reduce the amount of “willpower” required to achieve your goals?

What if you had the power to change the way you labor through life?

What if one conversation could help you experience more clarity, peace, and freedom?

JOIN Peaceful Women Live for the next session in our FREE monthly series entitled, 2020 ME!

2020 ME is inspired by the maternal  journey.  When a woman becomes pregnant, she tunes in more and pays greater attention to what affects the life she carries within. This series is designed to inspire us to protect the energy  we carry within.  So that we can be guided by our feminine instincts and spiritual intuition.  Our desire is to birth our stories with more clarity, more peace, and a greater sense of freedom.

Every woman is pregnant with something.  We all are laboring to birth a higher version of herself.  We strive to implement new habits, manifest dreams, and birth ideas.  Unfortunately, most of us attempt to achieve this by willpower and knowledge alone. We neglect to address the many forces that are working for us and against us.

We come together in a multilevel program that integrates various coaching models, expertise, and disciplines to assist us in formulating individualized strategies to advance our evolution!


Past Events


MY POWER, MY PURPOSE: Is your power creating a bridge to your purpose? 

Karen Knight, Co-Strategist & Data Analyst, will co-facilitate this session to help us recognize what has power over us and what powers us.

My Position, My Poise

POSITION, MY POISE: How our posture affects our peace of mind and our ability to balance.

Sarah Graves will help us see how our external and internal posture could be affecting the way we labor through life.

LeShanta Baker will continue to share how maternal concepts can be applied to everyday life.


My Passageway, My Personality zoom.png


MY PASSAGEWAY, MY PERSONALITY: The powerful factors that shape who we are and how we birth our story.

Ebone Lott helped us see how universal forces affect our character, behavior, and overall energy.

LeShanta Baker shared how maternal concepts can be applied to everyday life.


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My People, My Players: How to identify and leverage the true members of your support team


LaToya Daniels
Shawna Wilhoite
LeShanta Baker


My Psyche, My Paradigm zoom (5).png

My Psyche, My Paradigm: How the capacity and capability of our mind affects us


Andrea Hamel- Life Coach


My Passenger, My Performance email image

MY PASSENGER, MY PERFORMANCE: What we carry on the inside affects how we perform on the outside.

This session is intended to assist us in identifying the key features that determine how we’re called to perform!


Joy Gibson- LifeNiche Coach & Consultant
Kiona Cloud- Energy Balancing Coach


The Revival of Me (6)

THE REVIVAL OF ME is a 2-day Clarity and Motivation Boot Camp designed for the woman who knows she is called to birth something big.

Gain strategies and concepts to:

1. Refine your intentions.
2. Deepen your connection to your true motive.
3. Strengthen your self-discipline.
4. Feel MORE focused, MORE clear, MORE peaceful, and in control throughout your journey.


MY PLACE, MY PRESENCE: How our attitudes are affected by our environment


Aida Cirino-Lee of Rx4 Everlasting Health
Laura Lo of Lokelani Photo

This session is intended to assist us in identifying the areas in our lives that could be affecting our GREATNESS!


PARTS OF YOU email image

Engaging all the Parts of You: Spirit, Mind, and Body to access your inner kingdom

Junise Belizaire- Nurse Practitioner

Tanya James Foster- Chaplain & Wellness Specialist

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