Peaceful Women Live


We are breaking the cycle of fear, tension, and pain to BIRTH PEACE and RELEASE POWER in every situation, during each interaction, and in every area of our lives.


We come together in an environment that integrates various coaching models, expertise, and disciplines to assist us in formulating individualized strategies to advance our evolution!

During each Peaceful Women Live session, we come together to address areas that could clutter our minds, hinder our peace, and stagnate our evolution.  During each session we ask ourselves, How will I evolve?

We begin each month with our group’s intentional conversation where a pre-chosen topic is presented. We may have one or two featured guests share tips, tools, and strategies they use to navigate the topic of focus.

In this intimate, in-depth setting, we work together to strategize and create individualized plans to help us labor through life with more peaceful minds and birth the best version of ourselves as well as all we are called to release into the world.

We look forward to having you join us in our sacred virtual room.

“Where PEACEFUL women live, BALANCED women thrive”


2020 Me: Clear Vision 

Our current series is about clarity and awareness.  We look at our past and present to go into our future with a deeper understanding of who we are and what we need to birth the best version of ourselves daily.