Peaceful Birth Preparation

What if birthing a peaceful mother was the goal?


Peaceful MamasPreparing your mind, body, and soul

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“You were designed and are well equipped.”

Birth Clarity

Develop a clear plan 


Birth Clarity is a birth planning session created to assist you in developing a clear birth and preparation plan.

  • Identify your desires
  • Distinguish your needs
  • Understand the basic process of labor
  • Learn about birth’s major holistic alternatives
  • Review common medical interventions

Society leads most to focus on the portion of motherhood that begins after the baby arrives.

However, our responsibility as birthing mothers begins prior to the moment we discover we’re expecting.

Pregnancy and childbirth are one of the most empowering seasons in a woman’s life.

Unfortunately, lack of information cause many women to struggle while growing and nurturing new life.


  • 1:1
  • 90-minute session
  • Session summary
  • Birth Preparation Strategy Outline
  • Individualized Birth Plan
  • One follow-up Navigation call

Recognize the roles of potential members of your birth team, integrative birth professionals, including medical, alternative, and support workers.

After reviewing the 6 major steps for crafting a desired birth story, you will finish this coaching session with key skills for strategizing, implementing, and communicating your birth goals.

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Empower Yourself 

Stress and anxiety are things that some of the most powerful and successful women fight during pregnancy.

For many, the maternal experience and the changes in one’s energy, routine, and capabilities have the potential of causing great discomfort, depression, and exaggerated hormonal shifts.

Maternal support reduces the possibility of stress hormones traveling through the placenta to baby like other nutrients or toxins.

When working with a Maternity Coach, mom and coach work together to discover your desires and needs, set goals and establish plans that help to improve the quality of life experienced during pregnancy, childbirth, and after baby arrives.

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