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Coaching to declutter your mind

Clear your mind, and the rest will follow 

Mental Clarity calls are deep dive assessment and planning calls created to assist you in decluttering your mind so you can break free from whatever cycle that’s keeping you stuck in the season you are in.

Session Perks:

  • 1:1 session
  • Session Summary
  • Quality Control Plan
  • Self-Care Plan Template
  • 1 Follow-up Call

Just a bonus…

By the end of the conversation, the 6 major steps for crafting your desired story will be unveiled.  This will offer you the opportunity to recognize key skills you can utilize to strategize, communicate, and fulfill your goals. 

  • Take the first step toward reclaiming your peace of mind and developing a clear life strategy plan.
  • Highlight key obstacles that have been linked to your missing out on the freedom and peace you desire.
  • Distinguish your needs and identify hurdles that have delayed your ability to labor through life and birth your visions and dreams with tranquility. 
  • Discover the formula and personalized affirmation designed by your soul.
  • Shine the light on your ability to birth the life you desire.

With this call, you will sweep away the clutter that has distorted your ability to see the path that leads to your peace of mind. 

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Course Correcting is easier when you’re not traveling alone

Don’t just walk, stroll through your journey

Navigating Me is a 4-week program designed to assist you in creating life strategies that will shift your story and keep you focused on your goals.
Birthing new habits, visions, or deferred dreams can feel overwhelming.  You may find yourself feeling lost, stuck, or out of control.

What would you birth if you…

  • Increase your clarity
  • Increase your productivity
  • Increase your willpower
  • Increase your emotional stability

Program includes:

  • Weekly coaching sessions
  • Downloadable workbook
  • Access to recorded sessions
  • Introduction to the Cleansing Me transformation toolkit and the I BALANCE centering method
  • 1 month of open communication via text and email
  • Private online support group
  • Mental Clarity Session + perks

Setting goals, creating vision boards, and writing plans can be the easy part.  The inability to stay motivated is what leads to “failed attempts”, unfulfilled dreams, and the feeling of captivity.

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Balance your mind and body to tune into the sound of your soul.

Shift your paradigm

Balancing Me is a 90-day program that promotes a mindset shift designed to empower you to move intuitively through life so that you divinely birth the peaceful life and spiritual gifts you have living within.

Women who learn to balance:

  • stay more grounded in who they are and who they are called to be
  • are more self-aware
  • feel more centered
  • allow more opportunities to flow in their direction
  • are better able to advocate for themselves throughout their journey
  • feel more present in their everyday life, including during interactions with their children and spouse


  • Biweekly coaching sessions
  • Recorded Sessions
  • Personalized & printable strategy plans
  • Recorded Meditations
  • Open communication via text and email

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Labor to Life (1)

Flow through all your Labors of Life

Create your own story

Labor to Life is a 40-week transformation program designed to make peace and balance second nature. This 10-month program trains you to become proficient in self-assessments, quality control checks, establishing and implementing self-care regimens.


  • Quarterly Mental Clarity Sessions
  • Balancing Me package
  • Session Summaries
  • Individualized Self-care plans with as needed revisions
  • Open communication via text and email
  • On-call coaching through labors of life

Labor to Life prepares you to remain centered and at peace from the conception of your vision, growth of your plan, your labor, birth, and the life that proceeds.

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