Feminine Empowerment

Coaching Sessions

Each session brings you closer to your center, your self, and your peaceful mind.

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Mental Clarity sessions help you release the tension, stop the spinning, relieve undesirable physical sensations, and untrap your soul from a state of unrest.

This session will help you highlight key obstacles linked to your missing out on the peace of mind you desire.

We’ll pinpoint any hurdles preventing you from laboring through life with tranquility.  By identifying your cycles, divine nature, and skills you’ll be empowered to clear and redirect your mind.

What would happen if you decluttered your mind?

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Tuning into You is a 3-part coaching series that helps you strengthen your self-awareness through the study of your Untitledphysical, mental, and spiritual makeup.

Listen closer to the signs within and all around you.

Gain an in-depth understanding of how your body and mind come together for a common purpose.

Identify how the individual nature that drives your ambition and everyday actions can be used to help or hinder you as you labor through life.

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Navigation Calls

Navigation Calls keep you on your path with forward movement.

Avoid feeling trapped in cycles that prevent you from birthing peace and releasing your divine power.

Travel along your pathway with peaceful freedom.

Each call brings you closer to developing your individualized Self-care recipe book.  As you continue to move forward on your journey, you unveil more about yourself.  As you become clearer about the tools and strategies that keep you centered, grounded, and in control of your mind, body, and energy, we work together to develop your personal guide, a reference that helps you labor through life as the peaceful and powerful you.

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Release Your Peaceful Power

Unleash the peace within

Releasing Peaceful Power is designed to make rebalancing your energy second nature so that you can birth all of the best parts of you.  This program assists you in enhancing the skill of shifting your mind and body to unleash the energy within to experience perpetual peace.

This program is for the woman who:
  • seeks emotional stability
  • desires a more peaceful mind
  • has embraced that she is on a transformational journey
  • believes all is connected and that all things happen for a reason
  • is in a season of transition and/or personal acceptance
Releasing Peaceful Power:
  • prepares you to tune in, release, and retrieve your 3 forms of energy on demand
  • assists you in creating a lifestyle where you’re able to peacefully travel the paths that lead to your personal and professional growth.
  • Monthly Mental Clarity sessions
  • Tuning into You (3 sessions)
  • 7 Navigation Calls (weekly or biweekly options)
  • Printable Session Summaries
  • Personalized Peaceful Me self-care menu
  • Individualized Peaceful Me self-care recipe book
  • Downloadable materials
  • Open communication via text and email
  • Referrals as needed


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Self-Awareness Coaching is clarity coaching designed to enhance your ability to self-assess and rebalance your mind and body during and between all your seasons of life.

Have you ever just felt like, “I don’t know.”

Maybe you questioned your feelings, your habits, your state of unrest, your stagnation.

Women who learn how to rebalance:
  • are more self-aware
  • feel more centered
  • practice mindfulness
  • have higher emotional intelligence
  • enhance their emotional wellbeing
  • cultivate unexplainable inner peace
  • perform at advanced levels
  • easily access their inner power
  • filter out undesired energy
  • release spiritual power
  • allow more opportunities to flow in their direction
  • stay more grounded in who they are and who they are called to be
  • are better able to advocate for themselves throughout their journey
  • feel more present in their everyday lives, including during interactions with their children, spouse, extended family, co-workers, employees, and friends

When we tune in and self-assess, we are able to renew our minds and gain a clear perspective. Failing to self-assess leads to a lack of individualized planning. This is when we find ourselves feeling trapped, confused, and overwhelmed.

When we begin to operate from a peaceful mind, we begin to change, to improve, and evolve into a higher version of ourselves.


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