Peaceful Mind Coaching

“…be transformed by the renewing of your mind…”


Failing to self-assess leads to lack of individualized planning. This is when we find ourselves feeling trapped, confused, and overwhelmed.

When we learn to self-assess, we begin the journey to change, to improvement, to evolving into an enhanced version of ourselves.

Balancing Me (2)

Balance your mind and body and tune into the sound of your soul.

Shift your paradigm

Balancing Me is an 8-week program that will recalibrate your mind and body to release you from the seesaw experience that has you feeling physically and mentally imbalanced.  This coaching program is designed to enhance your mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and empower you to move intuitively through your journey so that you divinely birth the peaceful life you desire.

Women who learn to balance:

  • stay more grounded in who they are and who they are called to be
  • are more self-aware
  • feel more centered
  • have higher emotional intelligence
  • allow more opportunities to flow in their direction
  • perform at advanced levels
  • are better able to advocate for themselves throughout their journey
  • feel more present in their everyday lives, including during interactions with their children, spouse, extended family, and friends


  • Weekly Navigation Calls
  • Session Summaries
  • Downloadable and printable workbooks
  • 8 modules
  • Individualized strategy plans
  • Personalized self-care plans
  • Open communication via text and email

BUTTON copy“You deserve to live with a peaceful mind”

Labor to Life (2).jpg

Flow through all your Labors of Life

Create your own story

Labor to Life is a 12-week transformation program designed to make peace and balance second nature. This program is the missing trimester that takes the lessons of pregnancy, labor, and birth and shows you how to take what’s already familiar to your mind and apply it to everyday life.  You will become more proficient in self-assessments, quality control checks, establishing and implementing self-care regimens.


  • Weekly Navigation Calls
  • Session Summaries
  • 12 modules
  • Downloadable and printable workbook
  • Individualized Self-care plans with as needed revisions
  • Open communication via text and email
  • On-call coaching through labors of life

Labor to Life prepares you to remain centered and at peace from the conception of your vision, growth of your plan, your labor, birth, and the life that proceeds.