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Peaceful Women Live is an online community group for women, created to encourage peaceful and balanced lives.  We believe this desire has been pushed aside for too long. Peaceful lives are what we all have the ability and the right to experience.

Engaging in intentional conversation has been imperative to my growth and development as a woman on a mission to evolve for the benefit of humanity.

When my lifestyle didn’t offer the opportunity for local interactions, the creation of an online tribe filled the gap my soul was seeking.

  • This is a community that doesn’t overwhelm the empathetic.
  • This group has been created to be a safe haven.
  • We do not debate controversial views.
  • We speak and share our insights on our universal connection to all and the One.
  • We enter into our sacred space to listen, read, and share our “Ah ha” moments of self-discovery.
  • We believe that sharing our stories will ignite another Peaceful Woman’s greater self-awareness.
  • We discover how others reduce stress, cultivate peace, and remain joyous.

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  1. Feed us spiritually
  2. Inspire us mentally
  3. Share your tools & tips that assist you in living a peaceful and balanced life.

If you would like to be interviewed by LeShanta to share your labor of life tools and tips or to motivate us with your birthing from within experience, fill in the contact form below.


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