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Patience Hemenway not only shares her positive birth experience, but she also shares her philosophy, approach, and her passion.  In this chat Patience, Master Breathwork Instructor, shares a piece of the story that led to her birthing the woman she is today.

The goal of Peaceful Women Share is to give any woman watching the opportunity to fill their toolbox with hope, tips, strategies, and new philosophies.  Our desire is that by hearing women share their stories it will help others labor through life with greater clarity, confidence, and a more peaceful mind.

As a woman, Labor and Delivery Nurse, Maternity & Self-Awareness Coach, I’ve seen how the overconsumption of stories laced in fear, tension, and pain can send a woman right into that cycle.  Our intention with these recordings is to empower women as they enter and continue to navigate through their maternal journeys.

We believe that by hearing more women share their positive birth experiences, whether they birthed a new life, business, vision, habit, or dream, one woman’s positive story can help inspire many more women to follow that voice within.  By following that voice, that feminine instinct and spiritual intuition, they can be led to follow the flow that will guide them to the greatest evolution of themselves.

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You did it! You are living proof that women can BIRTH PEACE and RELEASE POWER.

Now, let’s share your peaceful birth experience with the world. So many women are robbed of the opportunity to experience releasing peaceful power…BUT NOT YOU!

Hearing POSITIVE birth stories like yours will help women replace stress and anxiety with clarity and confidence.

You can help others feel empowered as they enter their maternal journey and inspired to release their PEACEFUL POWER!

I look forward to our chat!